The rules form an important part of any game including Canoe Polo. Knowing the rules well will invariably make you a better player. The rules continue to have subtle changes made, but this is an attempt to improve the game.

New Zealand has adopted the International Canoe Federation (ICF) Canoe Polo Rules of Play.

The rules are rather dry to read but a fantastic online tutorial has been developed by the ICF Canoe Polo Committee. The tutorial is intended primarily for referees but anyone can access it and if you don’t know the rules you’re not playing to your full potential…

Becoming a referee 

All games need some sort of refereeing. To start with this can seem a difficult job, but with knowledge of the rules comes confidence. You start by refereeing beginners who have no idea of the rules – they won’t complain when you make a bad call as they’ve no idea what’s going on, then you work your way up the grades. You will make mistakes (we all do) but when you do, check the rules afterwards to see what you should have done – and you’ll improve.

To retain skills in any area requires practice and application. To maintain New Zealand Canoe Polo referee qualifications referees are required to participate in an ongoing peer review process – its not onerous.