New Zealand Canoe Polo Association

Within New Zealand, canoe polo is governed by the New Zealand Canoe Polo Association which is affiliated to the International Canoe Federation through our membership with the New Zealand Canoe Federation. New Zealand Canoe Polo administers the sport on behalf of our members with the mission: “To promote and encourage all aspects of Canoe Polo in New Zealand for the future of the sport and its participants”.

Key activities undertaken by New Zealand Canoe Polo include: delivery of national inter-club competitions; development of young players; national school competitions; selection of national representative teams; refereeing development; high performance development and coaching development.

Board of Directors

New Zealand Canoe Polo is governed by a Board of Directors (four elected at the annual general meeting and two appointed) with the following membership:

Michael Beauchamp (President)

Andi Fear-Ross (Chairperson)

Ainsley Massarotto

Oliver Maassen

Jo Shepperd

Aaron Barrett

Robert Coulson

Executive Council

The Executive Council is responsible to the Board for the day to day management of the Association and comprises the following members:

Executive Director – James Mitchell

Coaching Manager – Jacqui Frost

Communications Manager – Kat Graham

Competitions Manager – Vacant

Funding Manager – Rachael Macky

High Performance Manager – Karl Reece

Refereeing Manager – Cam Butler

Schools Manager – Kelly Walters

Squads Manager – Meryn Hinton

NZCPA are always looking for volunteers to take on supporting roles. Please contact James Mitchell, NZCPA Executive Director for more information and enquiries.