2023 Oceania Player Application Forms

Senior Men's Application Form

Use this form to apply to trial for the 2023 Asia-Pacific Championships (attendance TBC) and Oceania Championships teams for Senior Men ONLY.

Applications close on Friday 26th May at 6pm

It is proposed to have 3 trial camps and 2 selected team training camps prior to departing for Singapore.  Dates of the camps are:

1st trial camp June 24-25 (Auckland - TBC)

2nd trial camp 22-23 July (HB)

3rd trial camp 2-3 September (Palmerston North) - Selection camp

4th camp 23-24 September  (Venue TBC)

5th camp 21-22-23 Oct (Labour Weekend)  (Venue TBC)

​​​​​​​Senior Women / U21W / U18W Application Form

Applications close on the 16th of June at 6pm. Late applications will NOT be accepted.

Application information for 2023 Oceania Championships (7-10th December 2023). All the information is ONLY for our women's players.

​​​​​​​Oceania Championships run from Thurs 7th - Sunday 10th December.  Players will need to be available from Tuesday 5th December onwards (not sure yet when teams will assemble but will either be Tues 5th or Wed 6th December).  

Selection into a team for Oceania Champs is NOT a pre-requisite for selection into a team for World Champs 2024.  They are two separate campaigns.  World Champs teams will have separate trials and camps.  However obviously players who partake in the Oceania campaign will have a head start on those who have chosen not to attend. They will better understand the coach’s tactics, strategies and expectations.  Likewise they would start the 2024 World Champs trials at a higher starting point in terms of preparation.

Please note the following ICF rule regarding U18 player eligibility:

The first year an athlete can compete in an ICF or international competition is the year of their 15th birthday.  So if you are only 14 years old in the year that Oceania is held (2023) and do not turn 15 until 2024, then you are not eligible to trial, so please do not complete the form.

You CAN apply to trial for two teams HOWEVER the Coach and Selectors have the final say over which team you would be selected in AND if you are not selected for one team, there is NO guarantee that you would automatically be selected for the other team ie: if you applied for SW and U21W and missed out on the SW teams there would be no guarantee you would receive a place in the U21W teams.  Each player's selection will be considered on a case by case basis.

Proposed camp dates are for women's camps ONLY:

12th-13th August - trial camp 1 - Palmerston North

2nd-3rd September - trial camp 2 - Hawke's Bay

Selection - TBC

30 Sept - 1st Oct - team camp 1 - TBC

28/29 October - team camp 2 - TBC

​​​​​​​Venues TBC 

The first camp cost will be set at $250 per player.  Camp costs for other camps will be set once we see how the costs went for the first camp but please allow a minimum of $250 per camp.   

​​​​​​​Those travelling/flying need to be at camp by 7pm on the Friday night - so please book flights/arrange transport to arrive by 7pm. Camps will finish by 2pm on the Sunday, they can book flights after 3pm.  They can book flights for the first 2 trial camps at this stage.

Also for the SI players we are working on getting their boats to the camps for free!!  Work in progress at the moment, but looking hopeful so will be in contact with those players once applications close - so they don't have to look at hiring boats up here.

Approximate cost for the Oceania campaign is $1250.00 NOT including uniform or camps. NZCPA will be doing everything they can to reduce costs as well as applying for funding to help reduce costs but there is no guarantee of funding applications being successful.  NZCPA is able to provide quotes for those wishing to apply for funding for camps and the Oceania campaign.

PARENTS, we will be requiring approximately 10-12 team managers for these championships and if you are interested, please apply using the Manager application form which will come out shortly as the boys’ teams first camp is in May.   Please ensure you are available for the Champs from 5/6th Dec – Sun 10th Dec.  Many hands make light work and will help us deliver a successful campaign.

​​​​​​​U21 Men and U18 Men Players

​​​​​​​The closing date for applications was Friday 12th May 2023 at 6pm.  Late applications will NOT be accepted.

For those flying to camps, you must arrive on Friday night, preferably before 9pm and leave after 2.30pm on the Sunday. Transport will be arranged for you from the airport to camp and return to the airport.

Camps dates for U21 men and U18 men:

Trial camp dates and venues are as follows:

27th-28th May 2023 - Palmerston North

1st-2nd July 2023 - Hawkes Bay 

Training camp dates for selected teams:

19th-20th August 2023 - Palmerston North

28th-29th October 2023 - Hawkes Bay

2nd-3rd December 2023 - Palmerston North (TBC)

​​​​​​​Masters/Vets players

Masters is 35+

Vets is 45+

Applications will be posted later this year as well.

2023 Oceania and 2024 World Championships Manager Applications

Male Teams Manager Application Form

Complete this form to apply as a Manager for:

2023 Oceania & 2024 World Championships Senior Men's team domestic manager (Oceania Champs only)

2023 Oceania U21M & 2024 World Championships (travelling manager - Oceania Champs & World Champs)

2023 Oceania U18M Oceania Championships Manager (domestic manager - Oceania Champs only)

The closing date for applications is:  Friday 12th May 2023 at 6pm 

Female Teams Manager Application Form

Complete this form to apply as a Manager for:

2023 Oceania & 2024 World Championships Senior Women's team manager (travelling manager - Oceania & World Champs) 

2023 Oceania U21W & 2024 World Championships (travelling manager - Oceania and World Champs)

2023 Oceania U18W Oceania Championships Manager (domestic manager - Oceania Champs only)

The closing date for applications is:  Friday 12th May 2023 at 6pm 

2023 Oceania Championships  and 2024 World Championships Coaching and Managers Team

NZCPA are pleased to announce our Coaching Team for 2023 Oceania and 2024 World Championships. 

Our head coaching staff are as follows:

  • Senior Women: Andrew McFadzean

  • Senior Men: Andy Candy

  • U21 Men: Oliver Morritt

  • U21 Women: Callum Wilde

  • They will be assisted in their roles by:

  • Senior Women Assistant Coach: Emma Sutherland

  • Senior Men Assistant Coach: TBC

  • U21 Men Assistant Coach: Carl Massarotto

  • U21 Women Assistant Coach: Hayley Cameron

Our U18 Oceania Coaching staff are as follows:

  • U18 women’s coach: Kate Blincoe

  • U18 assistant women’s coach: John Frost

  • U18 men’s coach: Ben Colman

  • U18 assistant men’s coach: Josh Gray

NZCPA are pleased to announce our Managers Team for 2023 Oceania and 2024 World Championships. 

Our Senior teams managers are:

  • Senior Men manager: Ainsley Massarotto
  • Senior Women manager:

Our U21 Managers are as follows:

  • U21M A team manager: Meryn Hinton
  • U21M B team manager: Tracey Brookes
  • U21W A team manager:
  • U21W B team manager:

Our U18 Oceania Managers are as Follows:

  • U18M A team manager: Sharyn Heibner
  • U18M B team manager: Elizabeth Marama
  • U18W A team manager:
  • U18W B team manager:​​​​​​

Closed Applications